NNN Research Insights

NNN is committed to providing advertisers with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative local market intelligence related to newspaper media. In addition to subscribing to a broad array of syndicated reports, NNN’s research team is renowned for conducting groundbreaking newspaper industry studies and providing state-of-the-art campaign analytics.

NNN’s research partners include:

  • MRI
  • Scarborough Research
  • comScore
  • The Media Audit
  • Nielsen
  • Claritas
  • Audit Bureau of Circulations
  • Research and Analysis of Media (RAM)
  • Gallup & Robinson
  • M/A/R/C/ Research
  • Kantar Media
  • Symphony IRI Group
  • MARS

In an increasingly fragmented world of media, newspapers continue to reach the highest quality demographic. Newspaper readers have more purchasing power than the average consumer and newspapers deliver a mass audience that is unmatched by any other local medium. With opportunities ranging from dailies to suburban weeklies, NNN is here to help guide you through the vast spectrum of print newspaper media. We are local media experts and we are here to make you experts too.


Newspaper websites reach 153 million monthly uniques 18+, outdelivering News Portals including Yahoo! News and MSNBC.com and CNN.com (source: comScore Multiplatform May 2014). Newspaper National Network’s digital team will ensure that you get maximum benefit from this audience. We will help you plan and place your ad on the optimal channel using state-of-the art targeting including demographic, behavioral, contextual and geographic techniques. We provide clients with digital solutions that are easily integrated with print, mobile, or tablet campaigns.


The power of newspapers are backed by numbers…take a look

Research Studies

NNN works with top-tier research partners such as M/A/R/C/ Research, Nielsen Claritas, Millward Brown, Gallup & Robinson and others, to conduct groundbreaking industry studies on topics ranging from engagement to cross-media usage patterns to readership. Complete studies are released to NNN partners and clients and study highlights are available here.